Quest Designer

Opportunity Education is developing an innovative high school curriculum that will serve as the basis for the development of student-centric high schools. This curriculum places a premium on relevance and engagement and seeks to develop students who achieve the vision laid out in our whitepaper: The Well Educated Individual and the Foundations of Next Generation Learning. The Quest Designer (QD) is responsible for the development of curriculum specifications in one or more subject areas and for overseeing a team that will work to develop units of problem-based/inquiry-based learning that we call “quests.”

Full-time benefits eligible positions and part-time consulting position are available.


  • Quest Design and Development: Working under a Senior Curriculum Developer or Lead Quest Designer, conceive, design, and develop quests that meet the curriculum specifications of the framework and NGL design principles.  Ensure coherence of the curriculum across the quests and between quests in different subject areas.  

  • Communication: The QD will communicate with OE colleagues and fellow quest designers in regular group and individual meetings.

  • Project Meetings: Attend weekly quest designer meetings, pitch draft quests, and show progress in quest development.

Personal Characteristics

The OE Next Generation Learning team is distributed across various US locations. To work effectively, Quest Designers should display the following characteristics:

  • An appreciation for the NGL design principles and broader curricular objectives and a willingness to employ non-traditional instructional methods in realizing these objectives.

  • Intense curiosity about creating relevant and engaging active learning experiences for high school students.

  • High standard of quality and ability to evaluate his or her own work, and the work of others, critically.

  • Willingness to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams.

  • Eagerness to share and develop new ideas.

  • Commitment to timeliness and deadlines established by the organization.


  • Degree or equivalent coursework/experience in a discipline relevant to the area of instruction.

  • 2+ years of teaching experience, preferably involving secondary-school students.

  • Experience designing curriculum and familiarity with high-school curriculum and pedagogy.

  • An appreciation for the importance of well-crafted curriculum as a backbone for innovative instruction.

  • Excellent research and writing skills.


The Quest Designer reports either to a Senior Curriculum Developer and Designer or to a Lead Quest Designer.

How to Apply

Please send your resume to